IOM understands SCR houses, having serviced and integrated drives for over 40 years. Our systems are designed and packaged to stand up to demanding oilfield and marine environments. We also provide training and technical support to assure successful startup and reliable operation.

Our systems power rig equipment including Drawworks, Top Drive, Rotary Table and Mud Pumps.

Our Sales and Engineering teams will help identify your specific requirements so we can provide a power system specifically suited to your rig.

SCR Advantages and Benefits

  • Time-tested, rugged and reliable analog design
  • Serviceable around the globe
  • Foolproof controls prevent operator errors
  • GEN load sharing and power limit controls
  • SCR speed and current limit control
  • SCR assignment and sprocket slip control
  • Control module diagnostics
  • Built to withstand the rigors of a demanding oilfield environment
  • Serviceable by qualified SCR technicians
  • PLC-imbedded option available.