IOM is an authorized integration partner of Vacon® products. We have been teaming up with them for the past 10 years to deliver the most reliable drive systems. As experts in all aspects of control gear, drive applications and maintenance, we are proud to be an Official Service Partner for Vacon products, offering an on-site, swift-response maintenance service for Vacon drives.

IOM understands VFDs, having serviced and integrated drives for over 40 years. We design and package drive systems to stand up to demanding oilfield and marine environments, and yet deliver the best control possible. We also provide training and technical support to assure successful startup and reliable operation.

VFDs are recognized as the preferred method of control for both offshore and land rigs. IOM proudly integrates Vacon® inverters to offer the oilfield’s most compact and robust drive system.

Our VFD systems power rig equipment including Drawworks, Top Drive, Rotary Table and Mud Pumps. Common DC bus architecture provides a measure of redundancy and allows power to be shared between motoring and regenerating loads, improving overall system efficiency.

Regenerated power not consumed by other loads is routed to a dynamic breaking circuit that is part of every VFD power package. All VFDs and the dynamic braking system are fully controlled and monitored by the IOM control system.

Let our sales and engineering teams discuss your exact requirements, so we can provide a power system specifically suited to your rig.

VFD Advantages and Benefits

  • Modular Design Architecture (MDA)
  • Fully customizable, engineered and tested
  • All drive components front accessible for ease of maintenance
  • Self-diagnosing troubleshooting system with real-time aide
  • Profibus and TCP/IP communications compatible for inclusion in new and existing rig networks
  • Better control
  • Faster block speeds
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Enhanced drilling and tripping operations
  • Digital monitoring and diagnostics
  • Resistor grid braking
  • Lower maintenance costs.