Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used in a variety of shipboard and marine applications. Marine propulsion systems often employ medium voltage VFDs; even low voltage VFDs are used in a variety of applications including pumps, hoists and cranes.

IOM integrates state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical components into complete, coordinated drive systems for the marine industry. The company’s management team includes recognized industry leaders who have a continuous record of innovation of more than forty years.

We also provide repair and preventive maintenance services on shipboard VFDs, DC drives and control systems. Whether your controls are state-of-the-art or 30-years old, at some point you’ll require competent service to quickly diagnose and correct problems. The IOM team has over 30 years of experience in providing service on both analog and digital equipment.

Whether you need parts, onboard repairs, technical support, failure analysis, equipment rebuilds or scheduled maintenance; you can count on us for efficient service.

Marine and Dredging Capabilties

  • Generator control systems
  • VFD and SCR propulsion drives
  • VFD and SCR dynamic positioning drives
  • Operator control stations
  • Distribution and control systems
  • AC and DC drives for dredge pumps, cutters, underwater pumps, winches, swings, ladders, and HPUs on suction dredges
  • AC and DC drives for hoists, booms, swings and winches on bucket dredges
  • Clutches, couplings and gears
  • 24-Hour, field service and parts.