As part of our Rig Automation package, we provide complete system control ranging from Mud Pumps to Drawworks and Top Drive.  The IOM Intelligent Drilling Auto-Driller and Kinetic Energy Management Software provides precise Block Control incorporating Drilling Modes in ROP, WOB, SP, and Rotary Torque control with Pit and Pump Monitoring, Crown and Floor Savers, and more.

The Intelligent Drilling system provides a solid foundation for superior rig performance. The latest touch screen HMI technology allows the driller to operate rig equipment (e.g.; Controls, Drawworks, Mud Pumps, Top Drive, Tripping, Drilling, etc.) with precise drilling and block control. Our rig automation and control packages are housed in one control cubicle, which can be personalized to the operator’s preference or integrated to other control systems.